Definition Life-Cycle-Assessment (LCA) is defined as the assessment of the environmental impacts of a given product throughout its lifespan. LCA can be used for evaluating the environmental performance of a product or a service as well as comparing the environmental performance of similar products in order to be able to choose the least burdensome. Context and Policy Environment Sustainability issues and environmental management have gained an increasing amount of attention [...]

Prepared jointly by EFFAT (trade unions representing employees) and CEFS (representing employers), the EU Sugar industry CSR report 2014 is now available. To access the full pdf report click here.  

Over recent years, a debate has arisen over the amount of sugars people should eat and the potential effects sugars may have on health. Supporting the provision of clear information on sugars in line with today’s established scientific evidence, CEFS, together with the other sector associations CAOBISCO, PROFEL, Starch Europe and UNESDA, produced the following brochure entitled “Facts about Sugars”. The aim of this initiative is to contribute to an [...]