Sustainability Reporting on Beet Growing and Sugar Production

CEFS and CIBE (the International Confederation of European Beet Growers) have jointly published “The EU Beet and Sugar Sector: A Model of Environmental Sustainability” (2010, 54 pages). This brochure provides details and examples of their joint efforts to assess and improve the environmental sustainability of the EU beet and sugar sector, with the aim of sharing their results in respecting biodiversity, soil conservation, water management, and climate change adaptation & mitigation. That brochure has been complemented by a shorter leaflet (6 pages) that is available in English, French and German.


Back in 2003, CEFS and CIBE jointly published, for the first time, an environmental report to document their environmental objectives and achievements. The 2003 report explains the steps taken in previous years in order to protect the environment in both growing and processing sugar beet, and provides a detailed analysis of the environmental practices and standards implemented at that time.

Carbon Footprints: a review of the applicability of carbon footprinting methodologies to sugar consumed in the EU.


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>Read the full article: ‘The Carbon Footprint of EU Sugar’ (Article published in Zuckerindustrie, Bartens, 2012).

Sustainable water management in the EU beet and sugar sector

Sustainable management of water resources represents a success story of the modern sugar industry

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Read more about Sustainable water management in the EU beet and sugar sector  (Document on CEFS-CIBE participation at EU Green Week, May 2012)


> REACH Use Descriptors for Sugar Factory Processes.
> CEFS Statements regarding the REACH status of beet molasses and cane molasses.