SUGARMARK – Terms and conditions for the use of the Sugarmark logo in any of its versions in the EU

Original Sugarmark             pure-sugar

Original Sugarmark                         Example of other Sugarmark styles authorised by CEFS*

(* subject to conditions)

Following the appearance of modified styles of the Sugarmark, CEFS has taken action in order to call for compliance and proper use of the mark. As a result, a number of open issues have been clarified and some further guidance on the legitimate use of the Sugarmark, in any of its versions, has been established. For the purpose of informing all members and users of the Sugarmark, the following TERMS & CONDITIONS apply as a pre-condition to the legitimate use of the Sugarmark in the EU:

  1. CEFS is the sole legitimate trademark right holder of the Sugarmark in all countries of the EU. The trade mark design is protected under CTM (Community Trade Mark) number and the Sugarmark is used in several UE countries, notably, but not exclusively, by CEFS members.
  2. The Sugarmark can only be used to represent sucrose/saccharose and no other sweetener. The use of the Sugarmark in company stationery, company vehicles, website and other forms of communication should also be consistent with the company’s activities in so far as the Sugarmark can be associated with the latter activities.
  3. Sugarmark is a registered Trademark and therefore its design should not be altered or distorted. Any significant change to the original design of the Sugarmark should be authorised by CEFS. Every legitimate user of the Sugarmark will be allowed to use the newly authorised style(s) of the Sugarmak. A simple change in colour of the Sugarmark is not considered to be a significant change and does not need to be notified.
  4. CEFS may take all necessary actions to prevent the unlawful use of the Sugarmark in the EU. Actions will be decided based on the importance and gravity of the infringement, its territorial scope and damage caused to the reputation of the trademark among other criteria.
  5. Authorised users of the Sugarmark that are not fee-paying members of CEFS will be asked to contribute to the costs of administration of the Sugarmark. Based on the costs of the maintenance of the Community Trademark Registration and internal CEFS administrative work those users will be asked to pay 400€ per year for the use of the Sugarmark. That amount may be updated on an annual basis as required.
  6. All authorised users of the Sugarmark -whether members of CEFS or not- are invited to be part of the ‘EU Community of Sugarmark users’. This informal platform will be the forum where to discuss any ideas and proposals regarding the effective and legitimate use of the Sugarmark in the EU now or in the future.
  7. The above terms and conditions will be made public in a web page dedicated to the Sugarmark in CEFS website.