CEFS Statement on Robert Lustig Opinion Piece – “The science is in: the case for a sugar tax is overwhelming”

The focus made on one ingredient as a major cause of diseases like Type-2 diabetes disregards the established scientific knowledge that this illness is mainly caused by obesity – a complex and multifactorial issue – and lack of physical activity. Sugar per se consumed in the context of a balanced diet, has not been established as a cause of obesity or Type-2 diabetes. The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), in [...]

EU Beet Sugar Sustainability Partnership – EU BSSP

Formed in 2013 as a coalition between EU beet growers (represented by CIBE), sugar producers (CEFS) and trade unions in the food and agriculture sectors (EFFAT), the Partnership exists to demonstrate sustainability throughout the beet sugar industry in the region. THE AIM OF THE PARTNERSHIP In line with the Europe 2020 strategy for a ‘smarter, more sustainable and more inclusive growth’ for the EU, the partnership agreement aims to highlight [...]